125+ Creative Descriptive Essay Topics

Creativity is one thing that is common to all, and one thing that should be encouraged wherever it thrives. Creativity abounds in various fields, and can be found across all spheres. When writing a descriptive essay, the more creative and diverse your topic is, the better it is.

It is with this knowledge that the following lists of descriptive essay topics have been made, cutting across several spheres, and touching on several issues. If you’re wondering what to write a descriptive essay on, you only need to read on, and you will find well over 100 ideas for a descriptive essay.

Topics for Descriptive Essays

The following topics are ideal creative essay ideas that you can choose to write from, creative writing essay topics that challenge you to give your best. These topics were crafted to appeal to audiences across various walks of life and create a common ground between the writer and the reader.

Amongst these descriptive writing topics are descriptive essay ideas on fields ranging from random topics to biology topics, to general knowledge, to topics on famous people, and so on.

Random Descriptive Essay Topics

Here are 35 different creative essay topics that you can choose from, to help you create a good descriptive essay. These topics cover a wide range of issues, from instructions to descriptions of experiences, feelings, objects, and so on. Although random, these topics are limitless in the amount of ways you can write about them.

  1. Your house
  2. Your youngest sibling
  3. Your place of work
  4. An art exhibition you attended
  5. The game of cricket
  6. The Monarch butterfly
  7. The oldest school in your state
  8. Your experience at a haunted house
  9. A waterfall you’ve been to
  10. The scariest book you’ve ever read
  11. The worst thing you’ve ever tasted
  12. A hidden talent of yours
  13. Your favourite type of phone
  14. The most important gift you’ve received
  15. Getting a promotion at work
  16. How to apply for a job
  17. How to survive an earthquake
  18. How to crack an egg with one hand
  19. How to make your favourite dessert
  20. Describe a colour wheel
  21. How to clean a messy wardrobe
  22. Your school
  23. Your weekend routine
  24. Your ideal restaurant
  25. The perfect beach experience
  26. How to make your favourite homemade beverage
  27. A weekend spent indoors
  28. What you would do if school got cancelled
  29. What you would do if you were a famous painter
  30. The perfect getaway spot
  31. A long trip you went on with your family
  32. Getting a shot at the hospital
  33. The scariest movie you’ve watched
  34. A movie that made you cry
  35. Your favourite flower

Biology Ideas for Descriptive Essays

In the world of science, description also has an important place. Read on for a list of 15 different ideas to choose from. You can pick any of these topics for a descriptive essay in biology or in science related courses. Be sure to write in a way that your readers can see or picture just what it is you want to show. Spice up your paper by engaging your senses, and by extension, the senses of your readers.


  1. How the cells of the body divide
  2. The life cycle of a beetle
  3. What a plant cell looks like
  4. How a flower buds
  5. How cells fight infection
  6. How vaccines work
  7. How a piece of food is broken down
  8. How the brain transfers information
  9. How the body produces happy hormones
  10. How proteins are broken down in the body
  11. How humans have remained on top of the food chain
  12. How children develop into adults
  13. The changes that happen during puberty
  14. How the tongue helps with speaking
  15. The life cycle of a butterfly

Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics on People

Here are 20 different topics to write a descriptive essay on popular people or people of importance to you. Be sure to use as many adjectives as possible to describe these people, clearly how important they are to you.

  1. Describe the King of Pop, Michael Jackson
  2. Describe your favourite music band
  3. Describe Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Describe Margaret Thatcher
  5. Describe Mahatma Gandhi
  6. Describe Cleopatra based on what you’ve learnt about her
  7. Describe Caesar Augustus
  8. Describe the familial relationship between Romeo and Juliet
  9. Describe your high school principal
  10. Describe the current president of your country
  11. Describe Steve Jobs
  12. Describe a famous preacher in your region
  13. Describe a famous entrepreneur
  14. Describe the iconic actress, Marilyn Monroe
  15. Describe Dr. Ben Carson, the world-famous neurosurgeon
  16. Describe the football legend, Diego Maradona
  17. Describe the boxer Mike Tyson
  18. Describe the famous actor Morgan Freeman
  19. Describe the South African president Nelson Mandela
  20. Describe Marie Curie

Creative Descriptive Writing on Feelings

These descriptive essay topics list will help you translate your feelings into words, and help your readers relate to them.


  1. How a piece of classical music made you feel
  2. How it feels to have a loyal pet
  3. How you get yourself to feel better during a thunderstorm
  4. How it feels to get exactly what you crave for
  5. The feeling of finding something you thought you lost forever
  6. How it feels to lose something important
  7. How an act of random kindness from a stranger made you feel
  8. How a cliff-hanger made you feel
  9. How the death of a well-known artist made you feel
  10. How to navigate the feelings that come with a breakup
  11. How an upbeat music makes you feel
  12. How a hobby helps you relax
  13. How to deal with the frustration of learning a new instrument
  14. How you felt during your first public speaking
  15. The feeling of winning an award
  16. Losing your best friend
  17. The joy of getting a new pet
  18. The feeling of forgetting something important
  19. The feeling of déjà vu
  20. The feeling of having a baby sibling
  21. The feeling of mending a broken relationship
  22. How you feel when holding your favourite toy
  23. The feeling of embarrassment
  24. The feeling of fulfilment
  25. How satisfied you were when you received your diploma

Other Topics for Descriptive Essays

If for some reason, you haven’t found a good descriptive essay topic you would like to write on, here are a few more inspirations for you. With these topics, hopefully you will be able to find a descriptive essay topic to write on: one that you will enjoy writing on, and that will help you create an impression on your readers.

  1. The scariest dream you’ve had
  2. A backstage experience at a concert
  3. The view of the sunset from your house
  4. Your favourite teacher
  5. An old watch
  6. Your favourite Halloween party
  7. Why you love the ocean
  8. A special gift that you have
  9. What a family meeting entails for you
  10. Things you always take on a journey
  11. A boring trip you took
  12. An eventful day
  13. How you prepare for work
  14. A tradition in your family
  15. A last-minute goal that saved your favourite football team
  16. The best place to get a tattoo
  17. A glass painting
  18. The most profound piece of artwork you can remember
  19. A candlelit dinner at your house
  20. Being stuck in an elevator
  21. A gramophone
  22. An old record player
  23. A children’s story book
  24. A crocheted top
  25. A friend from childhood
  26. Your most vivid memory from elementary school
  27. Your fondest memory with your family
  28. A tattoo design you love
  29. The wallpaper design in your room
  30. Your desktop background
  31. Your phone wallpaper
  32. An old photograph
  33. The newest item you acquired
  34. Your toothbrush
  35. A colourful hair tie

An important characteristic of a good descriptive essay topic is that it gives you enough inspiration to write a meaningful paper, whether you choose to use descriptive writing ideas or prompts or not. Hopefully, the descriptive topics above give you the right amount of inspiration you need, and enough ideas to make the best out of your paper.