95+ Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

95+ Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

Imagine what life would be like if we were not able to accurately describe things. Surely it would be frustrating to not be able to pass on the knowledge or information you have. Writing a descriptive essay is one way to effectively pass on the image of what you want, and the level of complexity of your description grows as you advance academically.

This article provides more than enough topics to choose from, for college students looking for suitable descriptive essay topics.

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

As a college student, your level of descriptive essay writing is expected to have evolved greatly, what with the practice you’ve had through the years. One way to guarantee you have a great descriptive essay paper is to find the right topics. The difference between regular descriptive essay topics and descriptive essay topics for college students is the level of complexity.

Descriptive essay topics for college level should be easy enough to understand and discuss easily, and complex enough to stand out from the sea of “basic” topics. Here are some of these topics created to help you write a great paper.

  1. How I survived the Covid-19 pandemic
  2. How the series of lockdowns affected my family
  3. The closest tourist attraction site to me
  4. Describe someone you wish you never met
  5. A description of myself
  6. A decision that changed my life
  7. The first time I had a roommate
  8. Describe the 40th president of the United States
  9. Describe someone who has made a major impact in your life
  10. Describe a trip to the White House
  11. Describe how social media has affected the school system
  12. Describe your favourite school activity
  13. Describe Nikolai Tesla and his contribution to science
  14. Write a descriptive essay about the Statue of Liberty
  15. Describe the view from the highest building you’ve ever been in
  16. My idea of a relaxing day
  17. The worst rule my school has
  18. How college can be fun
  19. How to juggle education and working
  20. How young should children be to be educated about sex?
  21. How the lockdown has positively affected me
  22. Describe a time you almost died
  23. How I unwind after a long day
  24. A road trip
  25. Describe your childhood bedroom
  26. The happiest experience I’ve ever had
  27. Describe an outfit you would love to own
  28. Describe the longest car ride you’ve ever been on
  29. My first time on a plane
  30. My first car
  31. The biggest gift I’ve ever received
  32. What the Earth looks like from outer space
  33. The experience of a breakup
  34. The person I value the most
  35. Write a description on Nelson Mandela
  36. The Eiffel Tower
  37. The biggest tree I’ve ever seen
  38. Describe your experience at a five-star restaurant
  39. A waterfall
  40. Write a description of formal education
  41. Describe an experience you had with a bully
  42. How has the internet made college easier for you?
  43. How  I saved someone’s life
  44. How I prepare for the day
  45. My best high school experience
  46. Describe your favourite hobby
  47. Describe your favourite corner in your school’s library
  48. Describe your favourite music genre
  49. Describe your favourite holiday tradition
  50. Describe your first public speaking experience
  51. Describe a time you got stranded far from home
  52. What is the most meaningful conversation you’ve had?
  53. What does quality time mean for your family?
  54. How do you and your friends hang out?
  55. Describe the kinds of people you keep as friends
  56. Describe the most realistic dream you’ve ever had
  57. Describe the weirdest skill you have
  58. My most exciting camping experience
  59. Describe what it feels like to get an electric shot
  60. The most important photo in my album

Other Topics of Descriptive Essay Writing Examples for College Students

  1. A place I discovered recently
  2. My favourite activity when in a group
  3. A peculiar looking rock I found
  4. Items I collect
  5. My secret place
  6. A picnic basket
  7. My experience at the dentist
  8. A place I go to relax
  9. My meditation routine
  10. Exercises I do to relax
  11. My experience with virtual reality
  12. My first night away from home
  13. A class project
  14. A group photo
  15. An old cottage
  16. Holiday at  my grandparents’ house
  17. The day my pet died
  18. A soft blue dress
  19. My first Bible
  20. My new laptop
  21. My most cherished childhood experience
  22. A time I was mistaken for someone else
  23. A picture I drew as a child
  24. My favourite cartoon series
  25. The sweetest gift I have gotten
  26. My greatest wish
  27. My greatest regret
  28. Describe what you think Heaven looks like
  29. My favourite type of pen
  30. A gift I got my mother for her birthday
  31. Describe a trip around the world
  32. My phone charger
  33. My first time at an ice skating rink
  34. Describe an incident that made you disappointed
  35. My most frightening experience
  36. A cool trick my pet can do
  37. My first job
  38. A singing competition I participated in
  39. My experience volunteering at an animal shelter
  40. My experience at a petting zoo
  41. Describe a time when a stranger stood up for you
  42. The oldest picture in my family album
  43. The youngest member of my family

Writing a good paper at this point should not be a source of concern for you anymore, what with the outstanding topics laid out above. Your descriptive essay topics for college should contain an element of maturity, and this thought is the underlying theme for the topics above. Now you can simply pick a topic, and gather your information because you are guaranteed to have a great paper.

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