Descriptive Speech 88+ Good Topics

Descriptive Speech 88+ Good Topics

A descriptive speech is a form of descriptive essay, except that instead of having your essay strictly be written, you have to present it orally. In other words, a descriptive speech is a form of oral presentation that gives your listeners or audience enough information to be able to visualise what you are speaking about. A good place to start in having a top-notch descriptive speech is to have a good number of descriptive speech ideas.

Descriptive speech ideas or descriptive speech topics help to guide you, by giving your speech a direction. This article contains over 80 different descriptive speech topics that you can use at your next presentation.

What a Good Descriptive Speech Idea Should Look Like

A good descriptive speech idea should be one that you can write about easily. Now, this doesn’t in any way invalidate those topics you can’t seem to write about, it just means that they are not good or suited for you.

A good descriptive speech idea must be easy for you to find unique words with which to describe it. It should also have a clear object, place, experience, feeling, person, etc., for you to describe.

92 Different Descriptive Speech Topics

  1. White noises
  2. A gold ring
  3. How a refrigerator works
  4. How a flower buds
  5. My favourite hangout spot
  6. My favourite hotel to stay at
  7. The best kind of boat to own
  8. My idea of the perfect weather
  9. My most valuable possession
  10. The best piece of advice anyone has ever given to me
  11. How a bad weather shaped my whole day
  12. A tour of a hospital
  13. My last experience at a supermarket
  14. How I became friends with a stranger
  15. How to survive a thunderstorm
  16. My worst camping experience
  17. How I overcame a particular phobia
  18. How quick thinking has saved my life
  19. The climate of the area I live in
  20. Why I love my favourite game
  21. Describe the fall of Rome
  22. The culture of the Inuit
  23. How a cheetah stalks its prey
  24. The tallest building I’ve ever seen
  25. My favourite dog breed
  26. Describe what a perfect day for you would look like
  27. Describe what it feels to have a brain freeze
  28. My favourite vacation spot
  29. The worst hotel experience I’ve ever had
  30. My favourite school sport
  31. Why I love my favourite outfit
  32. My favourite café to visit
  33. My most memorable school trip
  34. A meal I will never forget
  35. A belonging I will never part with
  36. The best hobby to have
  37. The worst kind of job to have
  38. The view from my house
  39. A strange house I once saw
  40. What a day in my life looks like
  41. How a homemade meal makes me feel
  42. How to pick fresh fruits
  43. How my family took care of me when I fell sick
  44. My first day at my new school
  45. My worst birthday ever
  46. A day I wish I could relieve
  47. An embarrassing experience I wish I could forget
  48. My most memorable museum trip
  49. My favourite bedtime story from my childhood
  50. Songs that make me happy
  51. My favourite pillow
  52. How I learnt a new language
  53. Things that irritate me
  54. How to prepare my favourite meal
  55. How to defend yourself against a knife attack
  56. What to do during a panic attack
  57. My favourite movie to watch
  58. How to sort your clothes
  59. My favourite subject
  60. My favourite kind of book to read
  61. The musical instrument I love the most
  62. The animal I like the least
  63. My first ever pet
  64. My favourite friend to visit
  65. What I do when I’m bored
  66. The scenic route from my school to my house
  67. What a day at the gym looks like for me
  68. How to restart a computer
  69. One time I got lost
  70. What I want to be when I grow up
  71. The kind of job I would love to have
  72. My favourite villain
  73. The day I got sent to the principal’s office
  74. A historical figure I would like to meet in person if I could
  75. What I would tell my past self
  76. Things I love about my best friend
  77. The most helpful piece of advice my parents have given me
  78. My idea of what a perfect first date should look like
  79. What I want my partner to be like
  80. How I felt driving for the first time
  81. One thing I always take with me wherever I go
  82. My favourite meal to prepare
  83. My favourite thing about my school
  84. The room I love the most in my house
  85. The first house I ever lived in
  86. The day I lost my phone
  87. My biggest pet peeve
  88. My worst day at school
  89. A place I would love to visit
  90. A celebrity I would love to meet
  91. My worst experience with an animal
  92. A TV  show I would never watch

These descriptive speech topics above are a collation of original and engaging topics. They are easily relatable, and can be described by just about anybody. Not only do they serve as a good guide, they are designed so as to help you pass across your message very quickly and effectively.

You can find guides and pointers that will help you create a descriptive speech that will wow your audience, but it all ultimately boils down to you. Your descriptive speech must be written from your point of view, and from your experiences. That way, you can enjoy an easy flow of ideas and information, and you can throw in a few phrases and comments to spice up your speech.

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